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A review of marketing recruitment activity in 2014


Marketing recruitment in 2014

Market sentiment is currently very positive. As 2014 progressed, job flow became gradually stronger month-by-month with many clients expanding their marketing teams – both with interim and permanent staff. This expansion was to cater for new product/service launches, increased A&P budgets and to support a move further into the digital space. Compared to the preceding few years, 2014 saw a marked shift in the power that candidates held in the marketplace. 
By the second half of 2014 we recorded a 25% uplift in the number of roles we were asked to recruit for but only a 5% rise in the number of new candidates registering for roles. The result has been that candidates are interviewing for multiple roles at the same time and are getting multiple job offers. They are also often receiving counter offers from their current employer as companies don’t want to lose good people. This has meant that salaries have been on the increase, and the organisations that move quickly to create a smooth, fast and engaging recruitment process are in the best place to secure the top talent on the market. 
We recruit nationwide and across multiple sectors and have seen this uplift in all sectors and locations in 2014. Financial services saw a strong comeback in the market as economic confidence returned. The FMCG market has also been very active – especially in light of shifts in eating and shopping habits with a focus on convenience. The drive towards online shopping and discount and convenience channels mean that brands are increasingly aware of the need for marketing innovation and creativity. The charity sector has also been particularly active in terms of recruitment. With charities becoming increasingly reliant on corporate partnerships and operating more commercially, the drive to recruit talented people who have the ability to secure lucrative corporate partnership deals is stronger than ever.

The hot topic for 2015 marketing recruitment

Having spoken to numerous candidates in our extensive network, we can see that how companies connect with their customers is a critical issue in today’s market. With such rapid changes in consumer spending habits, communication preferences etc, companies have to be more creative than ever with both their product propositions but also how they can make their brand message resonate with an increasingly knowledgeable audience. Hiring people with digital/social media expertise is a key trend and strong innovation/propositions candidates and communications experts are very much in demand. 

Three top tips for employers looking to attract marketing candidates in 2015

1. Remember that the recruitment process is a two-way street.You need to sell your organisation and your skills as a line manager as much as the candidate needs to sell their skills and experience to you. 
2. Seek out the passive job seekers. Branded advertising with a trusted recruitment partner can often draw out the extra few candidates who are open to suggestions on moving jobs, but only if the right role lands on their desk.
3. Make sure you run a slick recruitment process. Candidates are securing roles very quickly. The quicker the timeframe between reviewing CVs and organising interviews the better chance you stand of not losing the candidate. Keep the process to no more than two stages for permanent work and one stage for interim work. Candidates will struggle to get time off work for a three stage process – especially when they are engaging in this process with multiple potential employers. 

Marketing recruitment: outlook for 2015

As a general trend, we expect that the volume of marketing recruitment will remain strong and companies will face the same challenges in 2015 as they have in 2014 with regards to attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent. 
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