The job of a Cyber Threat Analyst is to detect threats in real time, analyse and dissect them and anticipate future versions. This makes them a key element of R&D. 


  • Supervise and manage Security Operating Center (SOC) solutions 
  • Detect, analyse and qualify incidents and threats 
  • Identify their sources and block their access to existing solutions 
  • Guide technical teams in terms of corrective or palliative approaches to be taken 
  • Supervise their application and operability 
  • Be on permanent lookout for threats and software/hardware vulnerabilities 
  • Keep a record of knowledge banks and handling procedures 
  • Continuous monitoring of software/hardware vulnerability 
  • Analysis of malware 

Who will he or she report to? 

A Cybersecurity Analyst reports to the Information Systems Department or directly to the Director of IS Security. 

Required skills 

A Cyber Threat Analyst has a command of malware analysis and reverse engineering tools. They have solid skills across the IT environment, particularly IT security technology and equipment. Knowledge of legal and standards-related compliance is also a real plus for this role.   

Educational background 

They usually have 3 to 5 years’ experience in the field of information systems security and/or cyberthreat analysis. 

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