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Interim Management

Michael Page Interim Management specialises in recruiting highly skilled independent professionals for temporary positions. Typically, interim positions are filled for a period of one month to one year. Such an interim solution allows your company to find an appropriate durable solution.

Regardless of your reasons for needing a temporary recruitment solution, our consultants are familiar with the typical demands interim managers must meet, even when you have very specific requirements. Consequently, we bear in mind that time is of the essence and your Recruitment Consultant can provide you with a list of qualified candidates within a few hours. Depending on your needs, the candidate you select can start the very next day, a week later, or whenever best suits your needs. 

Why use our interim solutions?

  • You need to cover a period of time before a permanent employee begins working
  • You need an additional resource for a project
  • You have a work backlog or need additional help at the end of the year or due to illness, employee holiday, or parental leave
  • You are looking for a viable solution to hiring a permanent employee due to hiring restrictions or current financial uncertainty
  • You need a solution for crisis management or to take advantage of an excellent opportunity that has arisen
  • You are in the process of changing management or closure/bankruptcy
  • You simply need an extra employee during an expected or unexpected peak period.


What sets Michael Page apart?

  • Local expertise – global reach: We championed the specialist approach to recruitment, now an industry norm. Our Recruitment Consultants offer in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, sector, job level and geography.
  • The right candidate guaranteed: We assess and screen our candidates thoroughly, which allows us to present to you the best professionals with a proven track record in your sector. Should your new hire leave within six months, we will find an appropriate replacement completely free of charge.
  • A results-oriented approach: Our fee-structure is based primarily on success, with a significant element of the fee being related to satisfactory completion of a placement.
  • Tap into top talent: We quickly meet your recruitment needs by monitoring the best candidates in the field, building a continuous talent pipeline and maintaining one of the world’s most extensive candidate databases.
  • Quality standards: Our professional, end-to-end service has become the benchmark for quality in recruitment, with thorough candidate assessment, reference checks and post-placement follow-up. Moreover, Michael Page Belgium is a Federgon Certified Member. This widely acknowledged label assures additional quality for both clients and candidates on top of regular industry legislation.
  • Breadth of coverage: Against a company-wide backdrop of vast industry knowledge, our Recruitment Consultants are experts in their specialist recruitment domain and industry.