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Need newly-qualified solicitors? It's not too late!

It is still early days but we are already immersed in the craziness that is newly-qualified hiring season.

The tides have turned in the last couple of years. In the past, firms were afforded the luxury to think through their internal job lists and take time with interview processes for their second year trainees. 2015 is a year where there are already lots (and we mean lots!) of external NQ vacancies up and down the country. This, combined with the fact that the market has picked up and trainee intakes have shrunk during the recession, means that firms are now ready to recruit at NQ level but they don’t have a ready-made internal solution.

So how do you attract the best external NQs?


Get in there first

Traditionally, firms would wait until the summer before they began the recruitment process. However, this is no longer the case and there are likely to be only a handful of quality NQs still available come July/August this year.
Michael Page Legal has already placed multiple September qualifiers at firms. Those that have got ahead of the game have ensured that they snapped up the best of the junior talent.
However, it’s not too late to source the quality NQs – we are still seeing new candidates register with us and we currently have lots of solicitors who are qualifying in 2015 and have registered with us.

Compromise on your wish list

Everybody is looking for the same thing so if you stick to rigid criteria for the perfect NQ, then you are likely to be left disappointed. Quality NQs are will probably be holding multiple offers, so the more candidates you meet, the better your chance of filling your positions.
Have a think about the “must-haves” versus the “nice-to-haves”. Is adaptability and ability to learn more important than the reputation of the firm they have trained at?  A lot of our clients think so.

Don’t prolong your process

 If you receive a CV that interests you, don’t hold out for more CVs to compare it to – meet the candidate straight away. Chances are the candidate is meeting other firms too. Waiting for a great shortlist of CVs means you’ll probably miss out.
When it comes to the interview, give the candidate a great candidate experience.  It is as much about selling your firm and opportunity to the NQ as it is about them selling themselves to you.
Also, if you foresee that there may be a number of stages to your process, why not hold a longer first stage interview with all relevant persons present so that you can make a decision there and then?
By Conor Farrell, managing consultant at Michael Page Legal

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