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Andre Lazos - Consultant

I specialise in the permanent market for IT professionals, primarily focusing in the Northern Homes Counties. I have an established network of candidates across the Northern Home Counties, including Peterborough, East Anglia, Oxfordshire and Essex. I recruit all business facing & infrastructure technology skill sets, (e.g. IT leadership, programme management, project management, business analysis, service delivery, infrastructure etc). Through a driven, focused, tenacious and honest approach I have developed a leading reputation within these areas and have significant experience across all levels of technology recruitment.
Known for my ability to develop strong relationships with both clients and candidates, I always ensure I fully understand requirements so I can deliver high quality results that are prompt and on-point. I strive to present clients with a range of candidates and at various price points. Post candidate placement care is also very important to me, maintaining contact with, and regularly visiting, previously placed candidates to support retention once they are engaged on-site.
T: 01727 730148