What are the best strategies to attract IT talent? And do you decide on the salary you offer new candidates?  Find the answers to all your recruitment questions in our eBook. 

If there ́s one industry that got boosted by the recent Covid crisis, it must be the IT industry. The crisis accelerated the digitization of companies in way that no-one could have anticipated. A process that normally would have taken five years, was now done in a year.   

Work smarter 

One example is remote working: even the most conservative companies are now working remotely because they have no choice. The same goes for the online presence of companies.  

What this proved is that not only are these changes possible, but that investment into the right technology can enable people to work smarter and more efficiently, driving value for the business while also improving the support provided to both employees and customers.  

Attracting top talent 

Looking forward, we know that attracting and securing top talent will be crucial in the next steps for all businesses, building upon organisational change and transformation to thrive. 

To support our customers in developing the teams they need for success we have created this eBook. It covers the following topics: 

  1. The most important skills you need in you IT team this year 
  2. 5 strategies to attract the best IT talent 
  3. How to assess the competence of an IT candidate? 
  4. Salary benchmarking in IT: are you getting it right?  

We hope it will help you to find the IT right talent for your business. 

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