In a market where talent in engineering & manufacturing is limited, it is a challenge to find the right talent for your business. In our e-book you find all the tips you need to secure the best candidates. 

Currently, the pool of talent in engineering & manufacturing is limited and attracting the best talent is a key driver for any organisation. Before you are able to host an interview, you have to appeal to the types of candidates’ that you are looking for. 

How to attract top talent? 

In this e-book we discuss the challenges that the engineering and manufacturing sector faces when attempting to hire top talent in a candidate-short market. Based on the experiences of our clients, we discuss the following topics: 

  • The most important skills you´ll need in your engineering team 
  • The 5 best strategies to find talent in engineering & manufacturing 
  • The most important skills to look for in a candidate in engineering 
  • How to spot the perfect match out of all candidates? 
  • How to make the right job offer 

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