An IT Developer, also called Software Development Engineer, Computer Programmer or IT Software Engineer, is a programming language (Java, C, Python, C++, JavaScript, C#, PHP, .Net, R, etc.) and software creation expert. Tasks, training, salary and development prospects: we tell you all you need to know about the role of IT Developer. 

Main responsibilities of the role 

An IT Developer creates tailored programmes based on a specification agreed with their client and including all of the requirements and specific technical features. They oversee the design of IT programmes and regular post-launch monitoring, from software maintenance to upgrading and improvement. They may also take responsibility for user training and writing user guides to help with adopting the application. 

The most important tasks  

Identify and analyse user requirements in order to come up with a project perfectly matching client expectations:  

  • Define possible technical solutions in line with the specification  
  • Create a Beta version of the planned software and conduct a series of tests to identify and solve potential problems  
  • Programme the final version of the software and assist with the launch 
  • Offer technical support for users, providing training sessions where necessary  
  • Conduct monitoring for the purposes of corrective and evolutionary maintenance   
  • Improve IT programmes and adapt them to user requirements  
  • These days, thanks to standard ready-made programming software (software packages), an IT Developer can focus their activity on analysis rather than writing programmes. 

The educational background the job requires 

For some positions you can look out for young candidates with Bac+2 (BTS SIO, BTS SN, BTS IRIS, DUT Informatique, etc.) qualifications and experience, but a Master’s or school of engineering degree (INSA, EPSI, EPITECH, SUPINFO, etc.) is required for higher or more complex roles.  

With the advent of the digital revolution, an IT Developer needs to show adaptability, drawing on continuous training to keep their knowledge up to date with the latest technological innovations and widen the scope of their activities. A thorough technical knowledge of programming and computer languages is an essential prerequisite for this role. 

The required soft skills 

As well as having technical skills, an IT Developer must be disciplined, organised and able to work on their own. They must also be a good team player, with the ability to respond to requirements with speed and precision. Creativity is also an asset for coming up with innovative solutions. Recruiters will put a high value on a good level of technical English, especially written comprehension.  

The salary offer 

Salaries in the IT sector vary according to training levels, role and sector, but a junior IT Developer is looking at a gross annual salary of €35K, whereas a more experienced candidate can expect a salary of up to €70K. 

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