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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. Across industries, businesses are scrambling to put together the type of AI project that was once thought of as simply the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) trend. Those that get AI right will gain valuable insights, boost productivity, and push themselves ahead of the competition. 

Assembling a formidable AI team presents a significant challenge. With the growing prevalence of artificial intelligence, the need for highly skilled AI professionals is on the rise. The Artificial Intelligence job market is largely candidate-driven, which means finding qualified individuals can be a daunting task. 

Join us as we assess the AI job market, explain the key positions you need to hire, and give guidelines for appropriate levels of compensation. 

AI roles and responsibilities: Which jobs do you need? 

Putting together an AI team is no easy feat, and depending on the size and scale of your project there are a wide range of positions that may need filling. We’ve narrowed down the Artificial Intelligence job roles that will be crucial to ensuring the success of your project. 

Machine Learning Engineer 

Most AI projects rely heavily on Machine Learning (ML), which means Machine Learning roles are increasingly in demand.  

The most important role in Machine Learning is an ML Engineer. ML Engineers are responsible for developing, building, and deploying Machine Learning models and systems. Once completed, these models and systems are able to learn from data and establish continuous feedback loops. They can be trained on historical data to identify patterns and predict future outcomes or be used to automate repetitive tasks and improve business processes. 

ML Engineers sit near the top of an AI team structure, working closely with data scientists to design and implement Machine Learning solutions that solve specific business problems. 

Data Scientist 

By analyzing and interpreting complex data sets which are used to develop the algorithms that power AI, Data Scientists fill a key AI job role. Data Scientists are often tasked with building and evaluating predictive models on integrated development environments (IDEs), which are then integrated with the final product by AI engineers. 

AI Researcher 

AI Researchers fill a challenging Artificial Intelligence role. They are some of the main problem solvers of the team, tasked with finding new and original ways to create systems. The systems they create are often tweaked by Data Scientists to ensure real-world viability. 

AI Engineer 

An AI Engineer builds and deploys AI systems and applications. Their role involves designing and implementing machine learning algorithms, integrating AI systems with existing applications, and optimizing AI models for performance and scalability. 

Which skills and qualifications should I look for? 

In an industry that moves so fast, candidates need flexibility, curiosity, and adaptability to stay ahead of the curve. Those with degrees in Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Telecommunications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Robotics Engineering, and Physics tend to fare best.

Minh Truong, Michael Page  Executive Manager 

Artificial Intelligence salaries: How much should you be paying? 

The average salary for Artificial Intelligence jobs varies greatly depending on experience, but it’s important to make sure you’re in the right ballpark.  

For Artificial Intelligence jobs salaries, you’d be looking at around 45K€ for a Data Analyst, and anything between 100K€ and 120K€ for a Machine Learning Director, Lead Data Scientist, or Blockchain Director. Middle management AI jobs usually pay from 60K€ to 65K€.

Minh Truong, Michael Page  Executive Manager 

How much does it cost to hire a Machine Learning Engineer? 

Machine Learning Engineers are integral to any AI project, which is why they can command Artificial Intelligence starting salaries from 44K€ to 99K€, depending on experience.   

How much does it cost to hire a Data Scientist? 

The average Artificial Intelligence salary per month for a Data Scientist ranges from 42K€ to 93K€ . 

How much does it cost to hire an AI Researcher? 

An AI Researcher’s salary typically comes in at 38K€ to 82K€. 

How much does it cost to hire an AI Engineer? 

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer’s salary ranges from 44K€ to 88K€.

In-house AI team roles vs. freelance and interim management 

Given the scarcity of talent in the AI job market, you may be considering hiring a freelance AI team. With remote work moving from a perk to an expectation in the current climate, the most suitable candidates are often unwilling to move from overseas. By outsourcing, you can secure these candidates, increase your flexibility, and reduce the cost of your AI project. 

Building an in-house team also comes with its own advantages. It gives you greater control, provides a long-term solution, and nips any security concerns in the bud. 

IT recruitment trends are constantly evolving. For guidance on how to hire IT talent in a competitive market, take a look at our recent article. 

How to find the AI talent you need 

Considering the shortage of AI specialists it's important to adopt a creative approach to attract highly skilled talent to your organization. While salary is certainly important, it's not the only factor candidates consider when deciding on a job.  

To attract the best candidates, you should consider offering flexible hours and remote work, training opportunities, stock options, and other perks. Consistency is key: once you’ve hired the talent, investing in upskilling and providing other benefits will help you retain valuable employees. 

The market has changed. Companies can no longer simply select a candidate — they need to make the candidate fall in love with them. How do they do this? By offering the chance to work with cutting-edge technology. Once the deal is sealed, training programs can help maintain this love and prevent top talent from leaving. 

Minh Truong, Michael Page  Executive Manager 

Where to find top AI talent 

Bootcamps or hackathons 

Bootcamps and hackathons attract people with varying backgrounds and skill sets. Many participants are eager to learn new things and showcase their abilities. 

Training academies 

Some training academies provide comprehensive training in areas like AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. These academies help participants to develop the type of skills and knowledge which could prove essential for your AI project. 

Professional organizations 

Once you’ve identified relevant AI-focused organizations, you can attend their events — and perhaps even sponsor them in an effort to raise your company’s profile and engage with potential candidates. 

Social media 

When leveraged right, social media can be a powerful tool for finding AI talent. Participating in online communities on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can give your company a presence in the industry, and using hashtags makes your job postings more discoverable. 

Networking organizations 

Networking organizations can be used to find candidates who are already well-connected in the industry. 

Recruitment specialists 

While all these options can be used to find candidates, you have to remember there’s a small pool of top AI talent. Long hours of painstaking research and complicated processes often come to nothing. 

That’s why we recommend relying on recruitment specialists. Michael Page’s global database contains the cream of the crop of AI talent. We make it simple by taking your salary range and candidate expectations into account before providing you with your perfect match in a matter of days. 

Your AI project success guaranteed 

AI project management is no walk in the park, and having a good understanding of the AI job market is essential for making the right decisions. As the use of Artificial Intelligence continues to grow, AI salary expectations will inevitably rise. It's crucial to be aware of current market rates to ensure you’re offering competitive compensation which will help attract top AI talent. 

Michael Page has a deep understanding of top candidates’ expectations and of what your competitors are putting on the table. Our extensive database is filled with high-caliber individuals who could become an integral part of your AI team. We know the value of finding the right match for your business, which is why we carefully consider all factors before presenting you with the top talent that we believe would be a perfect fit. 

When it comes to your AI project, getting the right team together can make all of the difference. Don’t leave anything up to chance, contact us today. 

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