If you want to retain top performer you need to offer them more than a good salary. These tips will help you to create an environment where they can thrive.

Many hiring managers believe that employing a top performer will make an immediate impact on the business, without the need for an onboarding process or training and development programme.

However, as with any new starter, high achievers must be supported throughout their career in order to perform at their best. “You can attract people with a good salary and a fancy tittle, but in the long run you´ll need to offer them more than just that, if you want to retain them,” says Thibaud Adès, Managing Director of Michael Page Belux. “Thinks for example of a tailor made training program, flexibility and a working environment where they can thrive.”

1. Offer a tailor-made training program

Without supplying adequate training and development, you may be hindering the productivity of your top talent, and when an employee feels they’re not working well, it’s detrimental to your organisation and to their own career satisfaction.

Most people want a defined career path. This isn’t an unrealistic expectation from employees.  Today, it is rare for an individual to remain in the same position with the same company throughout their entire career. Demand for top performing employees is high, therefore you should be working extra hard to develop and retain your top talent.

2. Being an employer of choice

Work on your employer branding; show candidates why they should work for you. If you’re an employer of choice, not only will people want to join you, they’ll also want to stay.

It’s important you’re clear about what the organisation and role offers during the interview process so candidates know exactly what to expect when they start.

3. Organise a mentoring programme

Have senior level employees answer any questions and provide support for new starters.

4. Make employees feel valued

It’s important to value all your staff; you might find that those you didn’t consider to be particularly high achievers, develop into your best performers.  Ensure all employees feel their skills are necessary and don’t let them get bored with their job – expand their role or rotate their responsibilities.

5. Reward success

Don’t let hard work go unnoticed.

6. Get them working as soon as possible

Onboarding is important, but don’t be insulting by holding off on difficult tasks or dumping too much on them either.

7. Create the right atmosphere

Create an atmosphere that allows top performers to thrive, whilst remembering to understand individual needs too.

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